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We at True Canadian believe that customer service is of the utmost importance and will always be commited to providing exceptional maintenance to prolong the life expectancy of your elevating equipment, reduce the number of service calls, and enhance the it’s safety and reliability of your elevators.  Each of our Team Members have been hand selected and many come from a foundation of elevator controller manufacturing and component repair experience.



Phil Warne– With over 30 years of experience in the elevator business, Phil is one of the most respected men in the industry, providing technical design and troubleshooting support for elevator companies and corporations across Canada. Phil believes in developing strong customer relationships by providing dependable and quality service. 

Alan Heeps Alan has over 20 years experience in the elevator industry. He is a certified elevating devices mechanic and worked as a TSSA elevator inspector for 8 years. Unsurpassed customer service, consumer education and fair pricing are his top priorities. Alan is able to provide pricing quotes for all aspects of your elevators; including maintenance, modernization, service, and upgrades. To ensure customer satisfaction Alan welcomes any questions from you or your board of directors.

Warner Baxter Initially intending on a career in the medical sciences, Warner got as far as a BSc in Biology before deciding that elevator industry was more to his liking. He has spent the last 26 years learning all facets of elevating device installation, service, maintenance and fine adjustment – from 80 year old archaic relay logic to the most current solid state processor driven controllers. Warner brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience – having spent five years as an adjuster/troubleshooter for a major international elevator corporation, but more importantly, he brings a drive and determination to resolve any technical issue, and make the equipment work to the best of its capabilities.

Chris Bellante  Having begun in the elevator industry with TCE’s sister company Elevator Controls Canada, Chris worked his way into his position as a mechanic. His English accent always makes a splash with our clients.

Scott Robinson– Scott began his elevator career in 1988 and has been working with True Canadian as a route mechanic since 2009. Scott’s hard work and attention to detail are the epitome of True Canadian’s service values.


Office Contacts

Alma Gonzalez– With many years of Bookkeeping experience within the elevator industry, Alma joined TCE in the early days.

Michelle Warne – Joining True Canadian in 2010 Michelle’s role in the office has grown as the company continues to expand. From front line dispatching to account management and everything in between if you have a question, she is likely to find you the answer.

Brian PurvisBrian Joined TCE to fill the position of our previous Driver, he was soon after promoted to our Parts and Materials Coordinator . Brian hopes to follow the same path and get his chance to become an elevator mechanic in the near future.

Alison Corbett – Having come from an extensive background in customer service Alison will be sure to greet you with a smile and efficiently direct your inquiries as needed.

Sean Best – As True Canadian’s newest recruit, Sean joins TCE beginning in the role of Driver, but as history teaches us, he should be moving up the ranks fast!

Kartik Bhushan As the youngest member of the True Canadian Team, Kartik is gaining as much experience as he can in our shop while he waits for his chance to join the IUEC Union and apprentice as an Elevator Mechanic.



Dan Kellow– Joining True Canadian in August 2011, Dan quickly established his place within the company. Bringing both an abundance of expertise and personality to the TCE team, Dan has become responsible for creating a sense of community amongst his co-workers.

Darren Bellante– As one of three Bellante Brothers working with True Canadian, Darren hold his own amongst the Modernization Crews.

Drew Marks–  Working as both a maintenance mechanic for TCE and an instructor for the IUEC Local 50 Drew keeps himself busy and up to date on everything elevator related!

Drew Allan –

Jamie Brownlee While working with True Canadian for over 3 years Jamie has become our East End go to guy.

John Milton Beginning his career in the elevator industry with True  Canadian’s sister  company Elevator Controls Canada, John has worked his way  up the ropes  beginning by building controllers and components in the shop and   recently became a Mechanic under the keen supervision of  our Senior Mechanics.

Jon Hawley – With an exceptional eye for detail and approach to elevator maintenance that is of inspiration to his co-workers, Jon’s appreciation for the trade is apparent in every facet of his work.

Mike Lacey– Having worked in both a Sales position and as a Mechanic in the field, Mike comes to us with a well rounded knowledge of the industry. With exceptional skill in customer service and a keen eye for troubleshooting Mike is a great strength on the TCE team.

Mark Lacey With 6 years experience Mark has worked in various aspects of the industry including new construction, maintenance and modernization.

Rob Thorpe –  After playing 12 years of mid-level professional hockey in the OHL and ECHL, Rob was introduced to the elevator industry though a friend. Beginning his career in Ohio, he moved home to the GTA and continued to work in the industry.

Rich Johns-  

Matt Ramsay  Like many of TCE’s employees Matt  began his career in the elevator industry with Elevator Controls Canada. After many years of dedicated service to Elevator Controls, Matt finally was accepted into the union and has received his chance to transfer his knowledge of controllers and components to the actual maintenance and modernization of active elevators.

Craig Bellante– Being the youngest of the Bellante Brothers, Craig is still working his way up to becoming a fully qualified mechanic. Beginning in the same foot steps as his brothers, Craig also began in the industry with TCE’s sister company ECCI, learning the basics of building controllers and wiring car operating panels.

Nick Loschiavo- With 3 years experience at a cab interior company, Nick gained a keen interest in the elevator industry and has finally received his chance to apprentice as a helper. Working with our modernization team Nick will gain the necessary knowledge to excel in this industry.

Nick Salm– Coming to the Elevator Industry from the Carpentry trade, Nick is rumoured to be able to outperform his Mechanic with power tools… but that might just be a rumour.

Adam Potts–  After studying Culinary Arts and dreaming of being a Pilot, Adam found himself with an opportunity he could not ignore. Joining True Canadian in 2012 Adam has proved to be a strong asset to our modernization team.

Michael HeepsAfter graduating from Trent University for History and Psychology, Michael did the next logical thing… Followed in his fathers footsteps and joined the Elevator Industry.

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