Top of Car Guard Rail Installation

A Director’s Order from the TSSA regarding car top guardrails has been issued.
Any elevator with a car top used as a platform for a worker where the clearance between
the car top and hoistway enclosure exceeds 300mm will require the following:

  •  Car top guardrails with a kick plate conforming to the specifications in the attached TSSA code adoption document
  •  Must be installed by December 1st, 2013
  •  Work must be completed by a registered elevator contractor.
  •  A “Minor A” design alteration must be submitted to the TSSA by the chosen elevator contractor. This will ensure the handrail design is in conformance with the code requirements and that the change is registered with the TSSA.

For further details see O. Reg 851 Section 14 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and TSSA Directors Order 245/10.


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