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Elevator Modernizations are an essential part of long- term building maintenance and are performed for a number of reasons such as:

  1. Safety. Modernization provides upgrades to the latest code compliant requirements of the TSSA
  2. Reliability. The technology used in todays equipment is far superior to that of the relay logic used previously. The microprocessor based controls provide enhanced safety through redundancy as well as the elimination of mechanical device failure within the controls
  3. Ride comfort. The feedback systems implemented on todays controls provide exact leveling within 1/16” at each landing. This eliminates trip hazards
  4. Fixtures. The LED car panel and hall buttons provide assurance that they will operate for many years without fail. No more bulb replacement required
  5. Accessibility compliant. The elevators now designed to meet the requirements of Handicap persons. The car and hall buttons are installed at a height where they can be reached. Voice annunciators announce car direction, car door status landing floor arrival and all emergency messages
  6. Door Operation. New door operators also incorporate a feedback system that provides the exact location where the doors are within the opening. This allows precise door control from initial closing to final closing as well as the opening operation. This feature significantly mitigates the possibility of door malfunction and excessive door forces
  7. There are three dimensional electronic edges available that provide enhanced safety for passengers while entering the elevator. This beamprojects onto the landing area so that the doors will not attempt to close until that approach area is clear. This prevents passengers from being struck by the door during closing
  8. Energy efficient. Todays elevator motor and drives use power on demand only. There are also options for Regenerative drives that during certain conditions put the power back into the main lines while operating. The LED technology for all lighting is also a contributing factor for efficiency

Elevator Modernizations can be executed in a number of different capacities from simple aesthetic detailing, door operator upgrades to complete mechanical upgrades of controllers and machines. Elevator geared machines are typically designed to last 25 years depending on use and the manufacturer. Even with this time frame many parts are not available to repair the equipment in the event of failure. Often these need to be manufactured or a replacement part sourced which in turn is costly to the owner In either case the down time is significant.

True Canadian Elevator installs only non-proprietary components where replacement parts, engineering and documentation is readily available. If you are considering minor upgrades or a full elevator modernization please populate the form below or call (416) 819-1867 and one of our staff will be pleased to assist..

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